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Display device name in Kiosk launcherSolved

3 years ago

We’re deploying Zebra TC57 devices to our drivers and want an easy way to identify the device. We’re naming all the devices with the registration number of the vehicle they belong with. We could print labels and stick them on the back of the devices, but with the exoskeleton in place the only visible area would be on the battery, which might get swapped to a different unit.

What we’d like to do is display the device name in the title of the Kiosk Launcher, but when I use the %devicename% variable it isn’t parsed/subsituted – it’s displayed literally in the title.

I note that the Kiosk isn’t listed in the places where these variables can be used here:

How to pass device and user information using the wildcards supported by Hexnode? – Hexnode Help Center  

Is there any other way of doing it? I see you can display custom lock screen information on iOS, but not on Android.

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Hexnode Expert
3 years ago
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Hello @Peter,

Welcome to Hexnode Community,

We are sorry to remind you that, Hexnode does not support wildcards to be used as Title under the Launcher settings for Android Kiosk Lockdown. It is why the device name was not added as the title when you entered %devicename% in the respective field.

The same is the case with the Lock Screen Message. Currently, you cannot perform lock screen customization to display custom information on the Android lock screen.

But we understand that your prime requisite is to identify your devices easily with their device name. Since they are locked in kiosk mode, you can configure peripheral settings to display the device information. Under Hexnode MDM Settings of the associated kiosk lockdown policy, enable Show device and server information. It streamlines access to the device and Hexnode MDM server information directly from the kiosk home screen. The user can click on the Settings icon to fetch the device name.

Hope it serves your need,

Reach out to us if you have more queries,

Catherine George

Hexnode UEM

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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by  Catherine.