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Hi, Im looking to enrol mobile devices from samsung to my organisation. However, Im wondering whether if I use Hexnode, will there be any differences in the functionality and the security between Samsung devices that have knox integrated and Samsung (or general) android devices that do not have Knox integrated.
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    Catherine George


    Hey Florence,

    Happy to help!

    Hexnode is one of the top-notch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions that enables you to manage devices of all major platforms with at-most security. Endpoint security and data privacy are our prime concerns.

    In addition to that, Hexnode offers numerous security features and device functionalities for preparing corporate devices. So, if you prioritize security over anything, you’re halfway done by choosing Hexnode for device management. Still, as a matter of discussion, it is necessary to mention that Samsung device secured by Knox works completely different from non-Knox devices when administered from the Hexnode console.

    As you might know, Samsung Knox is a security feature that provides advanced protection over corporate data and apps on Samsung devices. Knox Containers on the device separates business confidentiality from personal center while securing the endpoints from intrusions or attacks. The Knox solutions address most security issues prevailing on the existing Android device platform. It complements those enterprise requirements that demand high-grade security and makes deployment and management simple. Though not all Samsung devices support the Knox platform, the devices secured by Knox include a wide array of smartphones, tablets or wearables.

    Managing Samsung Knox device in Hexnode enhances the device management operations without disregarding corporate security. Moreover, Hexnode’s integration with Samsung Knox offers you numerous capabilities to enterprises.

    1. Quick and easy enrollment of devices in bulk using Knox Mobile Enrollment.
    2. Managing Knox Containers on the devices using Knox Platform for Enterprise key.
    3. Additional support for customizations and configurations.

    Knox devices are specifically designed to maximize productivity within organizations, thus making them ideal for enterprise deployment. With Hexnode, the end-to-end device management of Knox devices is simple right from deployment to configuration.

    Preparing the Samsung Knox devices for business purposes is a lot easier with Hexnode. The configurations that you can extend to Knox devices from the Hexnode console includes:

    1. Permitting/restricting device functionalities enabling kiosk mode
    2. App management
    3. Location tracking
    4. Security management
    5. Network configuration
    6. Expense management
    7. Accounts managements
    8. Advanced device restrictions and custom configurations used with KPE premium license key.

    But, when it comes to devices other than the Knox integrated, they enjoy minimum functionalities to operate as a fully-functional enterprise device. Not just with Hexnode, all UEM solutions can extend only limited configurations and settings on non-Knox devices than their Knox counterparts. However, Hexnode maintains its mobile security and management posture across all the enrolled devices.

    Get started with Hexnode for Samsung Knox devices.

    Feel free to contact us for more queries,

    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM