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can hexnode’s location tracking work on windows 10 device like surface?

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    Hey! Thanks for reaching out to us. Happy to help.

    Yes Susan! Hexnode can track the location on Windows 10 devices including Microsoft surface devices.

    Kindly navigate to the ‘Policies’ tab and click on ‘New Policy’ to create a new one or click on any policy to edit an existing one. Enter the policy name and description in the provided fields.

    Please select the ‘Enable Location Tracking’ option and an appropriate ‘Location Update Interval’, that indicates how frequently the location data needs to be updated. Navigate to ‘Policy targets’ and ‘Add Devices’ to which the policy needs to be associated and ‘Save’ the policy.

    Also, the location services should be enabled on the Windows device. For this, please tap on the ‘Settings’ icon, select ‘Privacy’ and tap on ‘Location’. Toggle the ‘Location Service’ button ON.

    To view the location of the device please click on the device name in the ‘manage’ tab and you can find the most recent location of your device.

    Please use the below link for further reference:




    Grace Baker

    Hexnode MDM