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Device management after remote wipeSolved

5 years ago

What happens if I carried out a Remote Wipe action on the device? Will the devices will still be managed by Hexnode? Bit confused on this ?

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Hexnode Expert
5 years ago
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Hi Kiara,

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

In general, Android devices and Apple devices (iOS and Mac) that are not DEP enrolled will not be managed by Hexnode once it is wiped. The MDM profiles will be removed, and such devices need to be enrolled manually.

The device will be managed by Hexnode even after a wipe in the following scenarios:

1. Android devices with Hexnode MDM as a System App and Samsung devices enrolled through Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) will be re-enrolled in Hexnode MDM once the device is turned on and connected to the internet.
2. If the device is enrolled via DEP, it will be connected with Hexnode even after a complete wipe.
3. If the device is added to DEP via Apple Configurator, it will be connected with Hexnode after a complete wipe after the 30-day provisional period.

Eric Miller
Hexnode MDM