iOS Home Screen Layout and other enhancements

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iOS Home Screen Layout

Are you looking forward to arranging the apps on the home screen as you wish? Hexnode MDM got it covered.

Normally the apps, as they install, get randomly arranged on the home screen. Hexnode MDM lets you configure the Home Screen Layout and customize exactly how the apps are arranged on-screen.

By the way, Home Screen Layout can be customized only on supervised iOS Devices.

Check out iOS Home Screen Layout to know more on this!

Other Enhancements

  1. Compliance Settings – Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings.

    The device will be marked as non-compliant if any of the selected compliance settings is not satisfied.

  2. Adding new technician role – Apps and Reports Manager.

    The Apps and Reports Manager has got access over the Apps and Reports tab only.

  3. Limit the number of technicians as per pricing plan.

    The number of technicians available depends upon the subscription plan that you have subscribed.

    • Express – 1 Technician.
    • Pro – 2 Technicians.
    • Enterprise – 3 Technicians.
    • Ultimate – 4 Technicians.
    • Ultra – 5 Technicians.
  4. Wild card support for broadcast message on Android and iOS devices.

    Now, you can customize the broadcast message by specifying the device name, imei, serial number, name, e-mail and device-id using the wild card support.

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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