Create user accounts for Mac

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Managing the user accounts on the devices has been a cumbersome process for the IT admins over the years. You might have been looking for ways to get this done remotely. Hexnode’s latest update got this covered.

From today, you can see a new action ‘Create User Account’ listed under the Manage > Devices > Actions.

Create user account for Mac

With this, you can create both admin and standard accounts on macOS devices. Provide the account credentials and create the accounts instantly.

Wanna know more? Have a look here.

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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    This is a great start … but much more flexibility is needed – including:

    – Users accounts need to be able to be created in Policy, so a new Mac can be provisioned with accounts already in place (it’s not practical for any kind of standardisation to expect a Hexnode admin to create accounts manually for every device that is provisioned).

    – Accounts created via Hexnode need an option to be hidden from users in the GUI, so they don’t even know they exist.

    – The account that a user creates on setup needs to be able to be restricted to a Standard account upon creation to prevent them from removing the accounts created by Policy and otherwise changing the configuration and/or removing management profiles.

    – There needs to be an option to change the password of a given account en mass (ie if an IT support staff member leaves, knowing the password created, all machines may then be vulnerable to unauthorised access.)

    – We need to be able to *remove* accounts from within the Hexnode portal.