Icloud backup in iOS

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Our company is quite small, so we mostly use BYOD for our desk jobs. Most of the devices here are iOS devices, so we make use of user enrolment. We are bit concerned about the work data stored on these devices. Will the work data be backed up on personal icloudor managed Apple ID icloud?

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  • Hey @wilma, thank you for reaching out to us.

    User Enrollment allows for a personal and a Managed Apple ID to exist on the same device. The existing personal Apple ID is used for the user’s personal iCloud data, while the Managed Apple ID provided by your organization will be used to store all of the organization’s corporate iCloud data in the company’s managed iCloud Drive. Apple has provided such as system to ensure that the users have autonomy over their devices, while the corporate data is stored securely.

    Hope this helps alleviate your concerns.

    Eren Schwarz
    Hexnode UEM

  • @wilma, yes you can, by deploying a Business Container policy from your Hexnode portal. To ensure that data from your managed apps is not accessible from any non-managed app, follow these steps.

    1. Navigate to Policies on your Hexnode UEM portal.
    2. Create a new policy by clicking on New Policy button or continue with an existing one.
    3. From iOS > Security, choose Business Container.
    4. Uncheck Open documents from managed apps in unmanaged apps. This will prevent any non-work apps from accessing any documents downloaded from a work app.
    5. Navigate to Policy Targets.
    6. Click on +Add Devices.
    7. Select the devices and click OK.
    8. Click on Save to apply the policies to the selected devices.

    Please ensure that you work mail app is a managed app for the policy to work.

    Hope this helps you!

    Eren Schwarz
    Hexnode UEM