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Managed vs. Unmanaged AppsSolved

6 years ago

How do managed iOS apps differ from unmanaged ones?

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6 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hi Kaylee,

The apps that are manually installed by the users on their devices are called Unmanaged apps while the apps (free/paid apps from the App Store or enterprise apps) that are installed using an MDM solution are called Managed apps.

An MDM server can remove managed apps and their associated data, stipulate whether the apps should be removed on MDM profile removal, block managed app data from being backed up to iTunes or iCloud and much more. Therefore, managed apps impart more control than unmanaged apps.

For Supervised iOS devices running 9.0 and later, Hexnode lets you convert unmanaged apps to managed in a single click.
After signing into your Hexnode MDM Portal,
1. Head on to Management tab
2. Select Devices
3. Choose your device.
4. Select Applications
5. Click on the red convert icon corresponding to the app you wish to convert.

Jane McLaren
Hexnode MDM