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Hey folks, iam new to hexnode. we are going to provide iPads to our students, and have set up some policies to put screen lock, connect Wi-Fi etc. But we couldn’t hide the settings app to avoid children from playing with it.

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    Evin Lee


    Hi @vincent,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable or hide the settings app on iOS devices. However, you can lock down the devices into single app kiosk mode in your case. The kiosk-enabled application will launch automatically when the devices are powered on, and students will be unable to access any other apps or device settings. However, the settings app will be accessible if the devices are put in multi-app kiosk mode. You can selectively restrict specific device settings on iOS devices using the Restrictions policies on Hexnode UEM.

    Follow the steps below to enable single app kiosk mode on devices.

    1. Navigate to Policy > New Policy > Kiosk Lockdown > iOS Kiosk Lockdown > Single App on the Hexnode portal.
    2. Click on the ‘+’ button, and select the required app.
    3. Associate the policy with the required devices.

    Check out our help doc on enabling single app kiosk mode for iOS devices to know more.

    Hope this answers your query

    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM