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Home and lock screen wallpapers set from the portal is getting cropped off and not displaying as intended on the devices. We use iphone 7 and 7+ models. Any ideas?

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    Chris Wheeler


    Thanks for reaching out to us, @holdyn.

    Setting a wallpaper with the right screen resolution can be challenging at times. If the image you choose does not match the exact screen resolution of your device, iOS will expand the image to fill the entire screen, and parts of your image get cropped off or pixelated. The best practice would be to crop/resize the wallpaper image yourself.

    Here are the required wallpaper sizes for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models:

    iPhone 7: 750 x 1334 (Width x Height, in pixels)
    iPhone 7 Plus: 1080 x 1920

    Have a look at the different iOS Wallpaper sizes, and resize your image accordingly before pushing them from the Hexnode portal.

    Hope this helps.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM

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    I use Canva for this where you can create templates in all different sizes. You’d just have to drag and insert the image onto the template frame and then position it according to your requirement. There’s also the option to resize images but I guess you need a pro subscrption for that.

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    Worked my way around this by taking screenshots of the images when viewing the image from the device, and then used the screenshots as wallpaper images. This’ll add black bars to the wallpaper ofcourse but I can live that 🙂 There are also many tools out there which does this and also provides more customization options. If you own a Mac, there’s the built in Preview app which lets you resize images for free.