How to skip User account creation during device set -up

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Hey guys,
We are in the process of enrolling some of our employees MacBook Air devices in Hexnode. Usually, when the device is used for the first time, we would have to set-up an account usually Admin account.

So, what we want is that, during device set-up, the account set-up should be skipped, I.e., an admin account should already be created.

We are relatively new to Hexnode, so when I tried to find an option for this, but I could not.

Does Hexnode support a feature like this? If not, any workarounds for this?

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  • Hey @schyler-scott,
    Thanks for reaching out.

    You can use the DEP configuration profiles to skip the “Create a Computer Account” screen available in the Setup Assistant on your macOS devices. For this, your macOS devices must be enrolled in Hexnode via Apple Business/ School Manager.

    To skip the ‘Create a Computer Account’ pane,

    1. Navigate to Enroll > Platform-Specific > macOS > Apple Business/School Manager > DEP Configuration Profiles.
    2. Create a new DEP profile by clicking on the Configure DEP Profile button.
    3. While configuring the new profile, check the Configure user accounts option. Populate appropriate credentials against the Full name, Account name and Password fields. Click Save.
    4. Now, associate the DEP profile with the required macOS devices.

    Once the device is powered on after applying the DEP profile, the “Create a Computer Account” during the Setup Assistant steps will be skipped, and the admin account will be shown in the login window.

    Please note that Configure user accounts option is supported only on macOS 10.11+ devices.

    Please feel free to reach out for further queries.

    Archer Woods
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hey @gnishilda,
    Thanks for reaching out.

    Currently, Hexnode only supports the creation of Admin user accounts via DEP configuration profiles.

    Hexnode supports two other ways by which Standard accounts can be created on your macOS devices, but the prerequisite being Hexnode Agent app must be installed on the devices.

    Create a Standard user account:

    First, enroll your macOS devices in Hexnode. Then, navigate to Manage > Devices > select the required device on which the user account is to be created > Actions.

    To create a user account,

    1. Via Create User Account,
    2. i. From Actions, choose the Create User Account option.

      ii. Choose the Account Type as Standard. Provide appropriate credentials against the preferred fields and click on Create.

    3. Via Custom Script,
    4. i. From Actions, choose the Execute Custom Script option.

      ii. Execute the script to create new users on Mac

    Once the action is executed, a Standard user account will be created with the configured options.

    Hope this answers your query.

    Archer Woods
    Hexnode UEM