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Hi, we are a non-profit organization that mainly aims at Outreach programs. Our staff usually fill up web forms of numerous people every day. Each time a name similar to the previous one is typed on the browser; the details of the previous person get automatically populated.

It becomes inconvenient when we have a lot of data to tabulate. We wish to prevent this from happening. Is there any way Hexnode can provide a solution to this?

We have macOS and iOS devices with us, so the solution we are looking for should definitely work for Safari…


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    Archer Woods


    Hey @yfke,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Disabling AutoFill can prevent your web forms from getting auto-filled with the user’s name, phone number, email address, password, etc. Hexnode supports the feature to disable AutoFill on your Safari browser.

    Disable AutoFill on iOS devices:

    1. Navigate to Policies > iOS > Restrictions.
    2. Under Allow Applications Settings, make sure to check the Safari option.
    3. Uncheck the AutoFill option.

    Please note that this restriction is supported only on iOS 4.0+ and supervised iOS 13.0+ devices.

    Disable AutoFill on macOS devices:

    1. Navigate to Policies > macOS > Advanced Restrictions.
    2. Under Security and Privacy, uncheck the Safari AutoFill option.

    This restriction is supported only on macOS 10.13+ devices.

    After configuring the necessary options, associate the policy with your target devices.
    Please feel free to reach out for any further queries.

    Archer Woods
    Hexnode UEM