Checking for unauthorized apps on student iPads 

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How does Hexnode list the apps installed on a device? The reason I ask is one of the teachers overheard few students bragging about having gaming apps on their assigned ipads and I’m not sure if this is even possible because we’ve blocked appstore on their devices. What’s the process behind this application query on the device? Is there any way the students could install apps that don’t get listed in the portal?!

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  • Thank you for reaching out to us, @tamsin-tim

    The list of applications installed on the device can be queried by initiating a Scan Device action from the Hexnode portal. On successful completion of the device scan, all the applications installed on the device will get listed in the Applications sub-tab of the device details page. It is very unlikely that the students can install unauthorized applications unless:

    • The MDM profile is removed from the device.
    • The device is jailbroken.

    You can prevent students from removing the MDM profile by enrolling the iPads via ABM and unchecking the ‘Allow MDM profile removal’ option in the enrollment process.

    In case the devices are jailbroken, you can easily identify them by configuring the compliance settings from the portal. Navigate to Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings and check the option Device is jailbroken to mark the jailbroken devices as non-compliant. You can also enable notification for device compliance to get notified as soon as a non-compliance issue arises on any device. This way, you can take timely actions to resolve the situation.

    Hope this helps.

    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hadn’t noticed the compliance settings for jailbroken devices! Will be sure to enable them now. Thank you for your helpful response, Chris.

    While we’re on this topic, what are some additional restrictions that we could set up on the student ipads? So far we’ve restricted the app store, blacklisted the popular social media apps, blocked youtube, restricted camera and that’s about it. Intersted to know how others are handling this.