Enable the user to Activate Developer mode in Android and enrol iPad manually

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i am trying to access developer mode on an android 9 tablet that you can access by clicking on “build number”. The tablet is out of kiosk mode, however i get a message you do not have permission. where in the policy can i get this enabled?
Also, is there a way of enrolling an iPad into Hexnode manually? Usually we do it through apple dep but we are not able to do it.


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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Yes, there is. For enabling the user to activate the Developer mode on Android devices:

    1. In the associated policy, navigate to Android-> Advanced Restrictions-> Allow Settings and confirm that the options ‘Developer mode’ and ‘USB debugging’ are enabled.
    2. Make sure the desired devices are added in policy targets and click Save.

    There are several enrollment methods for iOS devices apart from DEP. If you want the devices to be Supervised, the best option is to use an Apple Configurator. For this you will require a Mac with Apple Configurator 2 installed on it. The device should be running iOS version 6 or above.
    Here are the steps for enrolling the devices using Apple Configurator2!

    Hope this helps!

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM