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Hey, can I find if there are any duplicate devices in my portal without having to check the serial number inside the device details page of each device? It’d be ideal if I can get a list of all the devices and their corresponding serial numbers beside it.

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    I did check the device reports but the serial number is not being displayed there. I will not be able to check if there are any duplicate devices from those reports. Please update if there is some way to do this. Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Nefertiti,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    You can obtain the serial number of a device without checking the device details page of each device. Navigate to the Manage tab > Devices, click on the edit icon on the top right corner of the device list table, and check the option Serial Number to add the respective column in the device list table. Once the Serial Number column has been added, you can click on the Serial Number header on top of the table to sort the devices according to their serial number. All the devices with the same serial number will be sorted together, and you can easily find out the duplicate devices from the table.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to Reports > Device Reports > All Devices and sort the devices according to their Serial Number. Once the reports are sorted, you can Export the reports in PDF or CSV format to download the reports in the same order that you have sorted them inside the portal.

    However, you can also prevent duplicate entries in the portal by navigating to Admin > Enrollment > Re-enrollment Options and select “Retain configurations and change owner.” This will ensure that when a device is re-enrolled into the portal, it will retain the configurations directly associated with the device, and it will not create duplicate entries in the portal as well.

    You can also highlight the duplicate entries in the downloaded CSV file by making use of the “Conditional Formatting” feature in Microsoft Excel. Open the CSV file using Microsoft Excel and select the Serial Number column. Click on Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Duplicate values and click on Done after making the required configurations. All the duplicate entries will get highlighted in the selected color.

    Hope this answers your query.

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM