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hey how much time does it take to the device to be marked inactive once its offline? Is there anyway to change the min time?

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    Gabriel Galbraith


    Thanks for reaching out to us! @Sanne @Yash

    Device inactivity duration can be set under General Settings in the Admin tab.

    Device Inactivity Settings

    The option ‘Mark devices as inactive after’ enables you to customize the time taken for the device to be marked as inactive after the communication between the device and the Hexnode server is cut off. The duration can be set in days/hours/minutes format, and a corresponding value can be set in the ‘Mark devices as inactive after’ field. Suppose the duration is set as 2 hours, the device can stay offline for 2 hours before being marked inactive.

    So, even if a device is switched off for 2 hours, if the duration set in the portal is 3 days, the device isn’t marked as inactive. This is what happened in your case @Yash.

    You can refer to our documentation on monitoring device inactivity for further clarification.

    Hope this helps.

    Gabriel Galbraith
    Hexnode UEM