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How can I use the Android Kiosk in Hexnode MDM?Solved

7 years ago

How can I use the Android Kiosk in Hexnode MDM?

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Hexnode Expert
7 years ago
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Hi Tim,

Hexnode MDM allows you to lock your device(s) in either Single App Mode or Multi App Mode.

  • The device must be enrolled with Hexnode MDM.
  • The device should have an active internet connection.

Perform the following steps to enable Kiosk mode in Android devices.

1.Log in to your Hexnode MDM Console.
2.Navigate to Policies > New Policy.
3.Click on Android Settings > Kiosk Settings.
4.Click on Single App Kiosk if you wish to lock down devices to a single app or click on Multi App Kiosk if you wish to restrict your devices down to a handful of apps.
5.Click on Configure.

Hexnode MDM integrates other useful features into kiosk mode such as

Background Apps – Hexnode MDM allows you to hide app icons in Kiosk mode.
Auto Launch Settings – Auto Launch Settings enables you to set an app as default app.
Peripheral Settings – Peripheral Settings allow you to configure Wi-Fi, volume, brightness and so on.
Kiosk Exit Settings – Kiosk exit settings enables you to set passwords to exit from kiosk.
Hexnode Browser Settings – Hexnode Browser Settings enables secure browsing by restricting access to whitelisted URL’S or web apps added in kiosk mode.
Miscellaneous Settings – Miscellaneous Settings enables Hexnode Messenger and User Location Check-in.

One you are done using the Kiosk mode, you can easily exit from the kiosk mode.
The video below explains how to exit from Kiosk mode.



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