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@Maryam, please note that a smaller scan interval would also mean more frequent update at the cost of higher battery consumption.

I think you might want to use our Battery Level Alert feature in that case (Refer this thread). By setting this up, you can get proactive alerts so that you can know which device would need charging. This setting, combined with the earlier inactivity setting, would mean that you’ll get an alert when the device battery level is down to the critical level or if it was not able to report back the status due to a connection problem (or power off).

Note: To list all inactive devices in one place, you could use our dynamic grouping feature. Create the dynamic group from Manage > Device Groups by clicking New Dynamic Group. Name the group and set the condition filters as –
Column group: Compliance Info
Column: Device Status
Comparator: Is
Attribute: Inactive

Save the group by clicking Save Group. You’ll find the group listed under Manage > Device Groups. Open the group and customize the columns for the device list by clicking on the edit icon. Ensure to include Compliance and Battery Level columns. You can use this setup to monitor inactive devices from one place.

Click on the pen icon to edit the column for the device list

All devices in this group might not have a dead battery but rather a device network disconnection. You could also configure a dynamic device group for devices with battery level below a certain percentage. To do that, set the condition filters as –
Column group: Device Info
Column: Battery level (%)
Comparator: Less than
Attribute: {add an appropriate value}

When you detect a particular device is below the monitored battery level, you may send a broadcast message warning or remotely ring the device using device actions.

Hope this helps.

Zach Goodman
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