Reply To: Create user accounts for Mac

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This is a great start … but much more flexibility is needed – including:

– Users accounts need to be able to be created in Policy, so a new Mac can be provisioned with accounts already in place (it’s not practical for any kind of standardisation to expect a Hexnode admin to create accounts manually for every device that is provisioned).

– Accounts created via Hexnode need an option to be hidden from users in the GUI, so they don’t even know they exist.

– The account that a user creates on setup needs to be able to be restricted to a Standard account upon creation to prevent them from removing the accounts created by Policy and otherwise changing the configuration and/or removing management profiles.

– There needs to be an option to change the password of a given account en mass (ie if an IT support staff member leaves, knowing the password created, all machines may then be vulnerable to unauthorised access.)

– We need to be able to *remove* accounts from within the Hexnode portal.