Reply To: Pushing shortcuts of URLs to kiosk screen using Hexnode MDM

AvatarGrace Baker
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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, you will be able to pass certain device information to your Android devices along with the URL for the web app. The web apps that are opened with Hexnode Browser Lite lets the users pass device information.

While creating the web app, you will see a field to enter the URL for the web app. Enter the URL in the format ‘myURL/wildcard’. The supported wild cards are:

  • Device name (%devicename%)
  • Device ID (%deviceid%)
  • Wi-Fi Mac Address (%wifimacaddress%)
  • Name (%name%)
  • Domain (%domain%)
  • Netbios name(%netbiosname%)
  • UDID (%udid%)
  • Model (%model%)
  • Phone number (%phonenumber%)
  • ICCID (%iccid%)
  • Email (%email%)
  • IMEI (%imei%)
  • Serial number (%serial%)
  • Department (%department%)
  • Asset tag (%assettag%)
  • Device notes (%devicenotes%)

Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM