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We currently do not have the option to automate disabling and enabling the device power button. Automating policies is definitely in our roadmap, and we will let you know when the feature turns up and running.


Yes, you can automate device power on and power off for KPE-Premium license associated devices with Hexnode UEM. With the advanced restrictions “Automatically power off a device when power cable is detached” and “Automatically power on a device when power cable is connected” (Policies > Android > Advanced Restrictions), you can automatically turn on/off the device when it is attached/detached from a power source.

This way, you can force power off the device when it is detached from a charging cable and only turn it back on when the connection to the power grid is re-established. You can easily attain this use-case with the help of the charging cable in the truck @_patricia_.

Check out the help documentation on advanced Android restrictions to learn more about setting up the policy.

Additionally, since your employees are making use of web browsers to access non-work-related websites on the devices, we recommend web content filtering. Since you are using Samsung Knox devices, you can block users from accessing non-approved websites using any web browsers on kiosk mode.

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