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Hello all!

So, I’ve got my personal device enrolled in Hexnode for work stuff, but I’m a bit unsure about how private my info remains. Specifically, I’m worried about whether my chats or personal pics could be accessed by my company through Hexnode. Privacy is a big deal for me, and I really want to ensure my personal stuff stays just that “personal”. Any insights on this would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!


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    Hey @Gael
    I’m sharing a similar worry regarding Hexnode. Our company recently set up all our work devices, and here’s the kicker—I’ve got my personal email logged into one of these devices. Just like you, I’m concerned that my employer has access to my information. The thought of my personal emails being read, and my browsing history being monitored has really bothered me. Safeguarding my privacy, especially my emails and browsing habits matters a lot. So even I would like clarity on how Hexnode manages access to personal data on work devices.

  • Hello @Gael and @Frida ,

    Thank you both for sharing your concerns regarding the privacy of personal data while using Hexnode.

    Your concerns are perfectly valid, but please be assured that Hexnode takes user data protection seriously and implements a strict Privacy Policy by maintaining standards such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ensuring your personal information remains completely secure. So, neither your company nor any third-party individual can access your personal information. Furthermore, @Gael I can assure you that neither your messages nor your photos can be accessed by your organization, using Hexnode. The same goes for email and browsing history too. However, @Frida it is better not to use your work devices for personal tasks though.

    However, your privacy is safeguarded, your organization can still restrict your devices from accessing applications or websites based on their plan and the type of enrollment used for your device, using Hexnode.

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any further queries or need additional clarification.


    Hexnode UEM