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UEM Migration Handbook: An IT admin’s guide for effective migration

17 MIN
UEM Migration Handbook

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Streamline the UEM migration process for your business

Switching UEM providers is never an easy job. A successful migration to a new UEM solution begins with a well thought-out plan. This plan revolves heavily around your business environment and your technical and IT requirements. 

Adopting the right strategy to implement digital workplace transition can take months, if not years when performed aimlessly, and the very last thing stakeholders wants to face is a major hurdle towards the end.

Learn how your business can adopt the right strategy to carry out a successful migration. The UEM migration handbook highlights:

  • The evolution of Unified Endpoint Management
  • How to determine your business goals for UEM migration
  • How to prepare your organization for UEM migration
  • The different phases of UEM migration
  • The steps involved to migrate your endpoints to Hexnode UEM