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RMM starter kit

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Discover how Remote Monitoring and Management can streamline your organization's IT operations through our resource kit.

Having a remote monitoring and management system in your organization is like having an ever-watchful sentinel over your organizational assets. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions empower organizations to proactively monitor their networks, devices, and applications while enabling swift issue resolution and improved operational efficiency.

With Hexnode’s RMM solution, you can:

Monitor system health and performance

Hexnode can monitor your systems for potential problems, such as hardware failures, software errors, and performance bottlenecks. This feature can help you to identify and fix complications before they cause outages or data loss.

Configure security restrictions

You can secure and containerize sensitive information on BYOD devices to ensure corporate data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You can also remotely enforce strong password policies on your enrolled devices and push Wi-Fi and VPN policies to add an extra layer of security to your corporate network.

Deploy software updates and patches

Hexnode can help you to keep your systems up to date with the latest security patches and software updates to protect your systems from security threats and known vulnerabilities.

Troubleshoot problems remotely

Hexnode gives you remote access to your systems, so you can troubleshoot problems without being physically present. This functionality will help you reduce a lot of downtime.

Automate device monitoring

You can schedule periodic audits on your devices and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks with the help of custom scripts and commands.

Whether you are starting with Remote Monitoring and Management in your organization or trying to perfect it, there are a few elements that you need to take into consideration to have a robust and scalable RMM foundation. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of articles and resources that can help you elevate your RMM strategy through each stage.

Here’s what we’ve included in the RMM starter kit:

  1. The RMM Adoption checklist
  2. Remote monitoring and management FAQs
  3. An all-inclusive guide about remote monitoring and management for SMBs
  4. The Remote device security policy
  5. A datasheet on Hexnode RMM solution
  6. Key points to consider while choosing a remote access software
  7. And some more useful guides