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What is kiosk mode?

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What is kiosk mode?

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Create a dedicated user experience on work specific devices with Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode allows you to restrict your devices to run a single app or a collection of predetermined apps in the display. It prevents the user from accessing any other device function or program. Kiosks serve a certain purpose. Businesses may either design kiosks from scratch or use kiosk mode to transform computing devices into kiosks.

Kiosks are becoming increasingly common as businesses want to reach a bigger audience. Because it is not always practical for these enterprises to create specialised kiosks, they can activate kiosk mode on their devices using a Unified Endpoint Management(UEM) solution, such as Hexnode. These solutions also make it simple for enterprises to manage and monitor their devices.

This infographic talks about:

  • The different types of kiosk:

      • Single App Kiosk
      • Multi App Kiosk
      • Website Kiosk
      • Digital Signage display
  • Configuring kiosk mode using UEM on several platforms:

      • Android
      • iOS and iPadOS
      • Windows
      • Apple TV