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Is it safe to enroll your device into a UEM?

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Is it safe to enroll your device into Hexnode?

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Learn how enrolling your personal devices into a UEM like Hexnode will help you secure them.


Learn how to secure BYO device with Hexnode UEM

Every user is concerned about their privacy, especially when it comes to using personal devices for work and in the age of remote work, using personal device for work is almost inevitable.

Almost all organizations make use of a UEM like Hexnode to manage corporate devices and data. So, you will most probably be asked to enroll your personal device into the UEM if you intent on using it for work.

Data privacy is a concern that might pop up when you are asked to do it. Well don’t worry, this process is specially there to protect your privacy and separate your data from work files.

Download the infographic to learn how safe it is to enroll your device into a UEM like Hexnode.