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This is in continuation to this post here as it doesn’t seem to have been implemented.:

Will this feature be implemented? The above post is from 2020, and was inferred that it would be introduced shortly after. (like the MacOS ability to actually lock the computer remotely, requiring a custom passcode to regain access to the system?)

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  • Hello @Dave44, welcome to Hexnode Community!

    Though slightly different, we do have an effective way of remotely locking Windows devices in case of an unfortunate event. The Enable Lost Mode action can be used to lock the device. You can add a custom note and phone number on the lock screen while activating the lost mode to help with device recovery.

    Enable lost mode on Windows devices from Hexnode UEM console

    Once lost mode is activated, the device will restart immediately and be locked ultimately. The device can then be accessed only after executing Disable Lost Mode action from the Hexnode UEM portal.

    Please go through our help document on enabling and disabling lost mode on Windows devices for better insight.

    We hope this helps with your query.

    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM