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Hey folks! I was trying to configure my corporate O365 account to my Windows devices. In the email application, the account seems to get added but I was not able to load any of my emails. Can someone help me with this issue?

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  • Hey Laodice,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    You could be facing this error message due to a discrepancy in the configuration set inside the Exchange ActiveSync policy. If the configurations of an O365 account are incorrect, the email application in your device will not be able to connect to the Exchange server successfully.

    You can recheck the configurations that you have applied for the mandatory fields in the ActiveSync configuration policy. I can give you a brief on some mandatory/important fields in the policy:

    • Domain – Enter the domain name of the exchange server.
    • Account Name – Enter a name for the ActiveSync account. This name will be displayed inside the email application.
    • Server Name – Enter the name or IP address of the ActiveSync server.
    • Email address – Enter the email address of the account to be added.
    • Username – Enter the sAMAccount name or email address of the account to be added.
    • Password – Enter the password associated with the ActiveSync username.

    The rest of the fields are optional and can be filled according to your requirement. For a detailed explanation on configuring the Exchange ActiveSync account, you can go through our detailed documentation on the ActiveSync configuration for Windows devices.

    If you’re still getting an error message, you can reach out back to us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

    Hope I was able to answer your query.

    Chris Coleman
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hi, we’ve got it working smoothly till now but recently we got an incident where we reconfigured the activesync policy but on the device end, the old activesync account is not removed.
    We had to manually remove the account and repush the policy on our devices. I was thinking the activesync account would be replaced by the new one. Anyone having the same issue. This was observed on Samsung Android Enterprise devices.

  • Hello @Leon, cases like this (old account not getting removed after policy disassociation) usually occurs when the username saved on the device is different from the username given in your policy configuration.

    The account configuration applied on the device can be modified by the end-user when a valid email address is not provided in your configuration. If this occurs, the email address given will be different from the User specified on your configuration and the policy cannot effectively distinguish between the accounts set up from the policy. While removing the policy, as the username is different, the account is retained on the device.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM