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We are evaluating HEXNODE because this week we fired and employee and he ran away with one of our company issued laptops carrying with him valuable and confidential data. We are looking for a solution that could prevent this user from even login into the computer.

So we deployed the HEXNODE trial and installed it in a couple of computers, after enrolling a Windows PC I did a remote Lock Out of that device, the Windows PC in fact switched to the login screen.. but there the user can still enter his username/password and unlock the device… So the remote Lock Out is useless for our purpose.

We need to have the ability to remote lock a user FOR GOOD, meaning that once locked out of the computer he can no longer log in unless he has Admin credentials (which the regular users do not have), Maybe the remote lock should change the user password to a password the Hexnode admin sends along with the remote lock request

PLEASE MAKE THIS WORK, if you don’t the remote lock is definitely useless!!

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