What’s New in Windows Devices?

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Blacklisting / Whitelisting Applications in Windows devices

Restrict the users from accessing certain apps on their Windows devices using Hexnode MDM.

Introducing Blacklisting / Whitelisting apps on Windows devices.

You can now create a blacklist of unwanted apps or a whitelist of apps that are safe to install on your devices. Whitelisting renders all non-whitelisted apps as blacklisted. Either way, Hexnode MDM identifies them and marks the devices with blacklisted apps as non-compliant. This way, you can take quick remedial actions.

Check out Blacklisting / Whitelisting Apps in Windows devices to know more on this.

Single App Kiosk for Windows Devices

Now you can lock down your Windows devices onto a single app using Hexnode MDM’s Single App Kiosk mode.

Prior to configuring the single app kiosk policy, you need to create a kiosk account within the windows device, which should be a local standard user account. Install the kiosk apps within this account and configure the single app kiosk policy.

Wanna know more on this! Check out Single App Kiosk for Windows devices!

Michelle Hendricks
Hexnode MDM

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Yes, you can lock down windows devices into multi-app kiosk mode using Hexnode. Please note that this is supported only on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Educations editions(v1709+). Also, the kiosk works only with Windows Store apps/UWP apps and Desktop apps.
    Before associating the kiosk policy to the device, you have to create a local user account on the device and install the apps to be set in Kiosk mode. Customize the start layout, which involves the arrangement of apps in the way you want the user to view them. Once this is done, please navigate to Policies-> Windows Kiosk Lockdown-> Kiosk Lockdown-> Multi App, enter the Kiosk account name and select the app to be added in the kiosk mode by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.  Import the Start layout.xml file. Associate targets and save the policy. The device will now be locked down into kiosk mode.

    Kindly refer our help doc on locking down the Windows devices in multi-app kiosk mode for more info.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM