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We have a Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet which is “bricked” in Kiosk mode and can’t get out of it. We’ve attempted to tap the screen 10 times, however, this isn’t working either. How would we go about a factory reset?

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    Amy Watson


    Hi Eric!
    First of all, ensure that factory reset is enabled. If the device is offline, try to connect it to a network and log in to the Hexnode MDM console. Head onto the Policies tab -> Choose the policy/policies applied to the device -> Android Settings -> Advanced Restrictions -> Enable Allow Factory reset.
    If none of the methods for exiting Kiosk mode work out for you, as a last resort, make sure that the device is online and re-enable Safe Mode (if disabled previously), and boot the Samsung Knox device into Safe ModeDisable power button under Kiosk Settings -> Peripheral Settings should be unchecked, and Users can turn device Off enabled. Allow MDM Administration removal under Android Settings -> Restrictions should be enabled. The Hexnode MDM app can be uninstalled now.

    Amy Watson
    Hexnode MDM