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Hi Hexnode! We have 97 Honeywell handheld barcode devices in use in our warehouse to scan our inventory. The warehouse team complains that the brightness of the display on these devices keep fluctuating when in use. Any fixes we can deploy to solve this issue??

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    The adaptive screen brightness needs to be disabled; you could ask the warehouse team to do this manually from the settings. There are scripts that can force the device to max brightness at all times. I found this with a quick search:

    writesecuresetting -sys screen_brightness_mode     0  
    writesecuresetting -sys screen_brightness   255 

    You can set the brightness in values from 0-255, 255 being the brightest. Go ahead and test it on your devices.

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    Ethan Miller


    Hi @Frida,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Worry not! We have a solution that suits your case. You can configure Honeywell devices with the OEMConfig app from the Hexnode portal. Ensure your device is enrolled in the Hexnode portal as an Android Enterprise device. To adjust the brightness level of your Honeywell devices, first

    1. Add and approve the Honeywell UEMConnect app to the app inventory as a Managed Google Play app.
    2. Create a new policy and add the app to the Mandatory apps section.
    3. Under App Configurations, choose the Honeywell UEMConnect app and navigate to Display Configuration Settings.
    4. In the field Brightness level, enter a value between 0 and 255. (Enter 255 for maximum brightness.)
    5. Save the policy and associate it with all target devices.

    The app configuration will lock the screen brightness on your target device to the value set in the Brightness level field.
    Hope this meets your requirements.


    Ethan Miller