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Our organization primarily uses iOS devices for our corporate needs. As you know, Apple has recently released iOS 15.2 on Dec 12, 2021. As per news reports, the iOS 15.3 is likely to be released in January 2022.

Only some of our devices run on iOS 15.2. Rest of them run on lower OS versions. We wish to update all our iOS devices to iOS 15.2. Also, we want to delay iOS 15.3 update on our devices when it releases.

Can you provide a solution for both our needs?

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    Archer Woods


    Hey @steven-kenneth,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You can update your iOS devices to the latest OS version using the Update OS Remote Action from Hexnode. Navigate to Manage > select iOS device(s) > Actions > Update OS to execute it.
    Please note that the feature is supported only on supervised iOS devices.
    @steven-kenneth, use the feature to update all your devices to iOS 15.2.

    You can delay new OS updates from getting installed on your iOS devices using Hexnode’s OS Updates feature. Configure Force delayed software updates option in the OS Updates policy to delay updates for 30-90 days after its release.

    To configure, navigate to Policies > iOS > OS Updates > Configure. Specify the delay period and associate the policy with the required devices. Use this feature to delay the iOS 15.3 update on your devices.

    However, this option is supported only on supervised iOS devices running iOS 11.3+

    The Force delayed software update option works as follows:

    Assume that iOS 15.3 will release on January 15, 2022. Associate an iOS device with the OS Updates policy to delay the update for 90 days. If the policy is associated before the release of the OS update, the device will notify the update on April 16, 2022. I.e. after 90 days.

    Suppose the same policy is applied on another iOS device on January 17, 2021, I.e. 2 days after the update releases. Though the intention is to delay the update for 90 days, the device will notify the update on April 16, 2022, I.e. After 88 days.

    Hopes this answers your query.

    Archer Woods
    Hexnode UEM