Can we configure 2 apple IDs on same device

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Can we have 2 apple ids on the same device. The devices that have been deployed to the users are already configured with a work apple id. I want to know if it’s possible to add a personal apple id alongside the work apple id so that users can use the device as a personal device when they are not working. Appreciate the help.


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    Yes, you can use two Apple IDs on the same device. Users can use one Apple ID for the App Store and another for iCloud. This won’t affect the rest of the synced data that has already been configured on the device, such as iCloud, Family Sharing, Find My, etc. To use a different account for the App Store, follow these steps

    1. Go to Settings app > tap on your Apple ID name > Media & Purchases > Sign Out.
    2. This will only sign out of the App Store, Books, Music and Podcasts associated with the Apple ID.
    3. Click on Sign Out to confirm the action.
    4. Click on Media & Purchases > Not “your Apple ID name” and sign in with the required Apple ID credentials.
    5. Now, the App Store will be configured with the second Apple ID on your iOS device.


    Hope that clarifies your query. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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    Like using different apple id for icloud and app store, can I have 2 accounts synced with the contacts app. So that I can use the contacts on both the icloud accounts associated with the apple ids.

  • Yes, you can configure multiple iCloud accounts on your iOS device for the contacts app @_patricia_. Use the CardDAV policy for iOS devices to remotely sync contacts associated with a different Apple ID.

    Users can also manually configure different Apple IDs for the Contacts app on the iOS device. To add a new Apple ID, go to Settings app > Contacts > Accounts > Add Account > tap the iCloud option on the device. Now, enter the Apple ID credentials and sign in. The iCloud account associated with the Apple ID will be configured with the Contacts app. You can access data associated with both accounts on the device. Through this method, you can also associate multiple Apple IDs for native apps like Mail, Calendar, Notes, and Reminders.

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