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Hi. Is it possible to remove a device synced on to a dynamic device group?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for posting the query.

    We currently do not have an option to remove a device from the dynamic device group.
    But this definitely is on our road map.
    However, you can add a filter to the existing group and the devices that do not meet the condition would not be affected by the policies applied.
    To add a new filter, please navigate to Manage–>Device groups. Select the device group from which the device is to be removed. Navigate to ‘Criteria’.
    From the Condition filters, you can add one or more criteria while selecting either ‘All of the below conditions’ or ‘Any of the below conditions’.
    From the Location filters, choose one or more locations while selecting either Include or Exclude to group devices to a specific region.
    Click on the ‘Preview’ button to view the list of devices that matches the criteria and on the ‘Save group’ to save the group details.
    Click here to get more information regarding the dynamic device groups.

    Do keep an eye out for the latest feature updates and what’s cooking here at Hexnode MDM!

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM