Tracking the device location using Google maps with Hexnode

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How can I track the devices of field officers through Google Maps in Hexnode UEM?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for the reply.

    To track the location of iOS devices enrolled in Hexnode, you will have to successfully associate a location tracking policy with the device:

    • Navigate to Policies-> General Settings-> Location Tracking and click Configure.
    • Select Enable Location Tracking and set the Location Update Interval.
    • Associate targets and save the policy.

    To see the location of the device, navigate to Manage-> Devices and click on the desired device. On the device summary page, you can see the most recent location of your device.
    The Hexnode uses Google maps and OpenStreetMap by using Leaflet JavaScript library for loading maps on the Hexnode portal. OpenStreetMap using Leaflet is the default option. You can switch to Google Maps based on your requirements. To track the locations using Google maps, you will have to integrate the Google Maps API key and google cloud platform billing account with Hexnode.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM