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Hey there, I am looking for ways to set expiry date of local password to never for specific users. Found few scripts while browsing but none of them really satisfied our case. Tried running this on windows powershell but it showed error ‘command not found exception’:

Set-LocalUser -PasswordNeverExpires 1

If anyone got any ideas please help out.

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  • Hey could you try running this command instead? Replace QA with name of user.
    Set-LocalUser -Name “QA” -PasswordNeverExpires 1

    Also, if you are a hexnode user I’d suggest you check out the execute custom script action. You can easily run this or any other script for windows remotely using this action.

  • Hello @oscar-newman  Thank you for reaching out to us! Although looks like @lucy has got you fully covered.

    As an additional suggestion, you can set the password to not expire while configuring password rule for the users using Hexnode.

    1. Login to the Hexnode UEM portal and navigate to the Policies Tab.
    2. Create a new policy or select an existing one.
    3. Navigate to Windows and select Password.
    4. Here you can set up various password rules as per your convenience. Make sure you set the Maximum password age to 0.

    Refer to the Windows Password policy guide for a detailed walkthrough on configuring password rules using Hexnode.

    Hope this answer adds value to your requirements. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach us!

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM