Prohibit users on corporate Android devices to add another accounts

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Can I prohibit users on corporate Android devices to add another accounts?I don´t wanna users are able to add their personal google play account or something like that

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  • Hexnode Support


    Hexnode Support




    It is not possible as such on generic Android devices, However, it can be achieved on Samsung SAFE and Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work), the Samsung’s and Google’s Enterprise platforms respectively.

    Hexnode MDM supports most of the advanced restrictions available for Samsung SAFE devices but the ‘Accounts set up restriction’ has not yet been released. It will be available real soon.

    The Android for work integration has also not yet been made available. We are busy adding bells and whistles to a major Android release to be rolled out in a couple of months.

    Stay tuned for release updates and more.

  • Mike Kendrick


    Mike Kendrick



    Hi Liam,

    The Android Enterprise is now available through Hexnode and you would be able to block users from adding new accounts on company issued Android devices if devices are enrolled using Android in the Enterprise.

    Check out these links for more information on Android Enterprise and how you can set up account based restrictions on Android devices.