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Hey im tryin to enroll few samsung phones in hexnode from knox portal with okta auth. But I keep getting error “No browsers detected! Install one to complete authentication to enroll in Hexnode”. Don’t think anythings wrong with our okta account. Have been able to enroll other os before in hexnode… cant figure out whats going wrong here?

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    yu yan


    Hello guys I was going through hexnode docs for okta enrollment and had noticed this case. So this error comes up if you’ve enabled option to disable system apps in the knox portal when setting up the device owner profile. You could also get this error if you’ve disabled Enable system applications in Enroll > Android > Android Enterprise within the Hexnode portal.

    Just make sure u havent done either stuff and I guess u should be good. Maybe check out their docs if you need more clarity. Cheers!

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    Adam Davis


    We’ve integrated our okta account with hexnode and it seems to be working fine since users and groups are synced properly. Directory is also integrated. But when we asked the users to self-enroll there seems to b problem. It appears that they are blocked from enrolling themselves.anyone got any idea y dis might be happenin?

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    Emma Jones


    Thank you all for being an active part of the community!

    @emme @zay Looks like @yu got you covered.

    @adam-davis While configuring Okta in Hexnode UEM, please ensure that the Okta domain name you enter is of the format portal name.okta.com and not portal name-admin.okta.com. If the latter is the case, user & group sync and directory integration will be successful, but self-enrollment by users will be prevented.

    Hope this solution works for you. Try it out, and keep me posted on any updates.

    Emma Jones
    Hexnode UEM