Android App Installtion Scheduling

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Wondering if it is possible to Scheudle the Install/Update of Enterprise Android Apks through Hexnode?

We often want the Apps to install during downtimes and it is not always possible to manually achevie this process.

Also curious if the download/installing of a new app/update can be seperated so that the downloading can be done as soon as a new app is avaialbe on the hexnode Server.

many thanks

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  • Hello @BBur98, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

    Hexnode does not currently support the scheduling of app installation/updation. Although, we could take it up with our team and check its feasibility, if required.

    Just to clarify, by separation of app download and install, did you mean that you would like the enterprise apps to get downloaded to the devices as soon as they are uploaded to the Hexnode portal and be able to install them later on? Currently, it isn’t feasible to deploy the apps by just adding them to the Hexnode app inventory.

    The enterprise apps will get downloaded on the device once the
    action (Install Application) or policy (Mandatory apps/ App Catalog) to push the app
    is executed. The installation of the apps will occur only after the user accepts the installation prompt on the device end, except on the devices in which silent installation is supported.

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM