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Hi there,
I’m looking for some advice on how to ensure that our company’s devices are protected against unauthorized factory resets. We’ve been hearing about this feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Android devices, but I’m not entirely sure how it works and how we can implement it effectively. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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  • Hello! I’d be happy to assist you with that.
    Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to a lost or stolen phone. It has been integrated into Android since Android Lollipop (Android 5.1) and is automatically activated once a Google account is added to the device. This feature is crucial for enhancing the security of corporate devices, as it makes it more difficult for thieves to reset and reuse stolen Android devices.

  • When FRP is enabled on the device, performing a factory reset will trigger a prompt for Google account authentication. If you have a Google account set up on the device, resetting the device will prompt you to login with your Google account username and password. In cases where multiple Google accounts are configured on the device, any of them can be used for authentication.If an unauthorized person tries to perform factory reset on the device, it will require this Google account authentication. This means that even if someone performs a factory reset, they won’t be able to access the device without the proper credentials.

  • There are a few best practices to ensure the effectiveness of FRP. For corporate-owned devices, FRP can be configured via device restrictions in UEMs like Hexnode, enabling administrators to remotely manage the devices.
    When configuring the FRP setting within Hexnode, you can utilize the Google Workspace account integrated into your Hexnode portal. This helps avoid potential FRP errors that may occur if you forget your previously configured Google account credentials. With integrated Google Workspace credentials, you can log in seamlessly after performing a factory data reset.