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hi there, I am new to Hexnode UEM and need some help… tried associating Bitlocker encryption policy on several windows devices. Received error
“Unable to turn on BitLocker as the system cannot find the file specified. Resetting the REAgent.xml file may help in resolving the issue.
Is this a windows version issue? How do I solve this?…

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    Ethan Miller


    Ethan Miller


    Hi @Nathan !
    Thank you for choosing Hexnode UEM!
    This is a common BitLocker association issue. To resolve this, reset the REAgent.xml file on the device.

    • Find the REAgent.xml file in C:\Windows\System32\Recovery.
    • Right-click on it and rename the file to REAgent.old
    • Accept the prompt you receive.
    • Reassociate the BitLocker policy with the device after renaming the file.

    Please refer to our BitLocker troubleshooting guide to quickly resolve similar issues.

    You can learn more on how to manage BitLocker from our help doc.

    Hope this answer helps you.

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM