Receives an APNs error while enrolling an iPhone in Hexnode

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We are getting an error on enrolling an Iphone device:- ‘Apple’s MDM Certificate (APNs) is required for enrolling Apple Devices. Please contact Administrator’

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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    You will have to create an APNs certificate for enrolling Apple devices. For communicating with the device, the MDM will send a notification to the APNs server and the server will then communicate with the device. Hence, the APNs certificate is essential.
    For creating an APNs certificate:

    1. Login to the portal and navigate to Admin-> APNs.
    2. Click on Configure APNs Certificate.
    3. Click on Generate CSR for downloading the self-signed certificate from Hexnode.
    4. Log in to the Apple Push Certificate Portal with your Apple ID and click on Create a Certificate.
    5. Upload the self-signed certificate and download the APNs certificate that Apple generates.
    6. Upload the APNs certificate to the Hexnode portal. You will now have the certificate details displayed under Admin-> APNs.

    Kindly use the help doc on APNs certificate creation for more info.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM

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    I was trying to add APNs certificate as mentioned above. But I got the following error from Apple Push Certificates Portal.
    “To get a new certificate for a OS X server, use your OS X server administration tools.”