New ipads and no apps

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I’m new to this and watched the videos and read guides but I think I’m missing something here..

I have 3 new ipads for some senior members. Apple business manager is setup and has one of our domains as a managed apple ID domain. This is federated with our azure AD. I have a test user account from there that is listed in Apple business manager with a “staff” role. Hexnode is setup to that and vpp applications and no errors are given. The ipads were added into hexnode via the configurator and seem to report ok. I can apply policy changes ok, but I’m unable to manage applications at all. When I attempt to push an application or even click for the mdm application to install a popup appears on the ipad that says: This Apple ID can’t be used to make purchases.

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  • Hello, welcome to Hexnode Community!

    We understand your concern and are familiar with the error you’ve mentioned. It arises because managed Apple IDs cannot be used to purchase apps from the App Store, nor can they be used to install the already purchased VPP apps via the App Store.
    You will need to add the VPP apps using device-based assignment instead of assigning them to the user. Once the apps are assigned to the device/device group, you can use Hexnode’s Mandatory Apps policy or Install Application action to push these apps into the devices.

    If the error persists, do let us know. We’re happy to help.


    Chloe Edison,
    Hexnode UEM