Invalid credentials error when syncing Google Contacts via CardDAV

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I wanted to sync our organization’s Google Contacts with all the iOS devices of our employees. I attempted the sync using CardDAV, but despite the configuration getting pushed, once the password was entered, the device user received an “invalid credentials” error. Based on one of Apple’s help documents, I tried entering the app password from Google Console. However, the error persisted. Would you kindly let me know what I might be doing wrong?


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    Hey @damaris, Thanks for posting.

    Google has recently deprecated the use of app passwords. Hence, syncing Google Contacts via CardDAV might not be possible. Instead, you can choose to sync Google contacts to your iOS device by configuring a Google Accounts policy.

    Hope we’ve given you a satisfying solution. Feel free to reach out for further queries.

    Julian Refn
    Hexnode UEM

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