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Is there a way to monitor and manage mobile data usage on Android?

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    Jane McLaren


    Hey Felix!

    Hexnode’s Mobile Data Management lets you remotely track and manage mobile data usage across Android devices. By enabling data usage tracking, you can separately view the Mobile DataWi-Fi Data and Total Data of individual devices. Moreover, you can track the data consumption details of respective applications installed on devices. Apart from this, Hexnode MDM can also be configured to prompt users via email when the mobile data usage crosses the set limit.

    To manage mobile data usage with Hexnode MDM, 

    1. Go to Policies tab > New Policy.
    2. Select Android Settings > Data Management > Click on Configure
    3. Check the option Enable data usage tracking.
    4. Enter the desired time interval to update data usage information from devices.
    5. Configure Data Usage Alerts settings, if needed.
    6. Go to Policy Targets > Add the devices to which this policy needs to be associated > Save the Policy.

    Android Data Management_1

    To track mobile data usage using Hexnode MDM, 

    1. Head on to Management tab > Devices.
    2. Select the device from the Device list > Click on Data Management tab.

    Android Data Management_2
    Here you can spot per app mobile data usage and total mobile data usage of all applications installed on the device.

    Jane McLaren
    Hexnode MDM