Kiosk Auto Launch Exit, App Downgrade

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Version : 6.2

Release date: 13th November 2017


    1. Kiosk auto launch exit
    2. App downgrade
    3. Power button settings
    4. Screen orientation settings
    5. Device Root status


  1. Audit reports

Kiosk auto launch exit

The Android device in kiosk mode with auto launch delay set for less than 5 seconds can be manually removed from kiosk mode by tapping on the status bar 10 times and entering the password.

App downgrade

Allow downgrading apps will enable downgrading applications silently in Samsung SAFE supported devices and rooted devices.

Power button settings

The power button can be enabled or disabled in the kiosk mode. This option is available in Android kiosk peripheral settings.

Screen orientation settings

The screen orientation settings for Android device are available in basic restrictions section.

Device root status

The Hexnode app shows if the device was previously rooted or not.

Audit reports

The Audit reports section in Reports provides Action history and Audit history. The Action history shows all the instant actions that was performed on the devices and their status. The Audit history every action performed in the device or the user.

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