iMac and Windows laptop support

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Version : 6.0

Release date: 21st September 2017

Main features

    1. iMac support
    2. Windows laptop support
    3. Remote view in Android devices
    4. Location support in Windows 10
    5. New UI for Kiosk settings

iOS features:

  1. Remote ring support
  2. Airplay support
  3. New restrictions
  4. Multiple font support

iMac Support

The new version of Hexnode (v 6.0) includes support for iMac. iMac support includes Passcode settings, device restrictions, CalDAV settings, and network settings such as Email, Wi-Fi, VPN, ActiveSync and LDAP.

Windows laptop support

Hexnode MDM supports Windows laptops from Windows 8.1 onwards. The support includes Password settings, network settings such as Wi-Fi, Email and ActiveSync and some restrictions.
Windows 10 laptops support location tracking except the Home edition.

Remote view in Android

The new version of Hexnode MDM provides a remote view to the Android devices managed by the MDM. The feature is supported by Android 5.0 onwards.

Kiosk settings

The kiosk settings has been added as a new tab in the Policies section and the UI has been improved.

iOS features

Remote Ring

The device can be made to ring out loud from the MDM console.

Airplay Support

The iOS devices can be configured to support Airplay for streaming data between devices.


iOS essential restrictions

  1. Allow Enterprise Book Metadata Sync (iOS 8+)
  2. Allow Documents From Managed Apps in Unmanaged Apps (iOS 7+)
  3. Allow Documents From Unmanaged Apps in Managed Apps (iOS 7+)

iOS advanced restrictions

  1. Allow Diagnostic submission settings modification(iOS 9.3.2+)
  2. Allow Bluetooth settings modification(iOS 10.0+)
  3. Allow Dictation input(iOS 10.3+)
  4. Force MDM-configured Wi-Fi networks(iOS 10.3+)
  5. Allow AirPrint(iOS 11.0+)
  6. Allow iBeacon discovery of AirPrint printers(iOS 11.0+)
  7. Allow removal of system apps(iOS 11.0+)
  8. Allow creation of VPN configurations(iOS 9.0+)
  9. Allow Keychain storage of Airprint credentials(iOS 11.0+)
  10. Force Trusted certificates for secure printing(iOS 11.0+)

Multiple font support

Hexnode version 6 allows to add additional fonts for iOS in the MDM server.

All Replies

  • Hexnode

    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    This feature lets the admin to add a list of fonts and customize the device font type as per his preferences. This is applicable only in case of managed apps that requires font functionality.
    Please follow the below steps to add new fonts via policy.

    1. Navigate to Policies-> iOS-> Configurations-> Fonts and click Configure.
    2. Click on +Add Font. Enter the name of the font and upload the font from the system.
    3. You will have the option to edit, delete or remove all the fonts that are added to the console.
    4. Associate targets and save the policy.

    Check out our documentation on adding new fonts to know more.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MD