Hexnode to block explicit language on Siri

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Can I use Hexnode to disable explicit language for Siri?

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    Jane McLaren


    Hi Aimie,

    Of course! By setting up Advanced Restrictions from your Hexnode portal, you can prevent Siri from using offensive language.

    To configure Advanced Restrictions, you’ve to make sure that the iOS devices are enrolled in Hexnode and Supervised as well.

    Now, login to your Hexnode MDM Portal,

    1. Navigate to Policies tab

    2. Select New Policy or go ahead with an existing Policy.

    3. Select iOS Settings > Advanced Restrictions > Click on Configure

    4. Check the option Use profanity filter under Allow Security and Privacy Settings.

    5. Go to Policy Targets > Click on + Add Devices and select the devices to which the policy needs to be associated > Save the Policy.

    Jane McLaren
    Hexnode MDM