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Re-enrolling a device after dis-enrollmentSolved

4 years ago

This is a bit complicated for me because I’m stepping into managing our devices after some disorganization. One employee has an iPad on which dis-enrollment was initiated when a former employee was terminated. It was never marked disenrolled in the Actions menu so it seems to be in a state of limbo. The employee reports that he can’t use the iPad due to an error with the profile.

My question is, if I mark the device as disenrolled in the Hexnode portal, will that release the device so it can be used normally? I assume I can then simply go through the enrollment process to bring it back into management (but even if I can’t it’s fine since this employee is actually the owner of the company and I think we can trust him with the device 😉 ).

Thanks for any advice!!


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Hexnode Expert
4 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hey Rich,

Happy to hear from you!

When you push the disenroll device action to an inactive device, the action would not be reaching the device end and hence the device would still be retained within the Hexnode portal. However, the banner saying ‘Disenrollment initiated’ would appear within the device details page of the Hexnode portal.

Once the action ‘Mark as disenrolled’ is selected, the device would be completely removed from the Hexnode portal under the Manage tab and can no longer be managed unless re-enrolled.

Any configurations that were pushed to the device from the Hexnode console need to be removed manually from the device end. This implies that, if you have disabled the option ‘Erase all content and settings’ (an example) or enabled Kiosk mode, then the device would be locked down to that configuration. You may need to use the Apple Configurator or iTunes in order to restore the device.

You can get the device details until the time of disenrollment from the Reports tab > Device Reports > Disenrolled devices. This would contain the details from the date of enrolment until the disenrollment takes place. No further details would be updated.

If the devices are added as DEP, please do confirm the device is still listed within the Admin tab of your Hexnode portal > Apple Business Manager > Apple DEP > DEP devices. If so, once you wipe the device, the device would be automatically enrolled to the Hexnode portal as a DEP device.

In case you are not looking to wipe the device and just have the MDM profile installed as a device without DEP, you can download the MDM profile from Safari browser > Enter the enrollment URL > download the profile.

Please make sure that there are no profiles installed within the device within System Preferences > Profiles.

Also, can you let us know what is the exact issue the user is facing from the device end? It would be great if you could share a little more detail on the same so that we can assist you accordingly.

Eva Tyler,
Hexnode MDM